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Effective Math Question Scaffolder

Scaffold math questions to a series of problems that help students build back up to the original problem.

Math Problem to Scaffold

Find the mean: 7, 9, 15, 14, 12, 10, 15, 14, 12, 10, 15, 14

Additional Considerations

For 7th graders


Let's streamline the scaffold into four stages for 7th graders:

Math Problem to Scaffold

Question 1: If you had a list of numbers 2,3,5,7, how would you count them, and what would their total sum be?

Step 2: Applying Summation to a New Set

Question 2: Given a different set of numbers 8,10,7, can you find their total sum? How does this process remind you of the first set we added together?

Step 3: Concept of Average (Mean)

Question 3: If we find the total (sum) of a group of numbers, how can we calculate the average (mean) of those numbers?

Step 4: Calculating the Mean of Your List

Question 4: Now, applying what we discussed.....

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“Sometimes when I use ChatGPT, it literally just like makes things up. TeachingLabAI did a really good job of maintaining the integrity of the question and provided a solution that worked really well.”

Tricia M., Algebra 2 Teacher

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